Syria: the most dangerous place to be a child. You can help.

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Syria’s problems seem insurmountable. Four years of unspeakable violence. Displaced families thrown into overflowing refugee camps across seven countries. It’s dire, and only getting worse.

Now imagine witnessing all of this through the eyes of the nearly six million Syrian children caught in the violence. Their lives in constant danger; their families torn apart; their childhood robbed. Some have been in displacement camps so long, they’ve forgotten how to read. In four years, Syria has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a child.

You can help.

UNICEF has been in the region long before fighting began. Solely through donations from supporters like you, we’ve spearheaded the largest humanitarian effort in the country’s history.

We’ve helped provide clean water to more than 10 million people, and vaccinate more than nine million children against polio. For the nearly 500,000 children unable to go to school, we’ve created child-friendly places where kids can learn about the world. A world beyond what they’ve witnessed.

These children need your support. The longer things continue, the more likely it is Syria will lose an entire generation to violence.

UNICEF has one mission: to provide life-saving aid and emergency support to every Syrian child. They deserve their childhood back. Let’s give it to them.



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