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Tag : enfants déracinés

We are pleased to present all posts tagged "enfants déracinés"

The Rohingya Crisis Is Worsening By The Day

Posted by: UNICEF September 18, 2017

The latest update on the plight of the Rohingya people, who continue to cross into Bangladesh from Myanmar by the thousands. Read more »

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Leaving a fighter’s life behind

Posted by: UNICEF September 21, 2017

Helping children formerly associated with armed groups in the Greater Kasai region resume their lives. Read more »

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An Agenda for Action

Posted by: UNICEF September 12, 2017

UNICEF’s call for practical action and public engagement to help protect every child uprooted by war, violence and poverty. Read more »

The Road to Europe

Posted by: UNICEF September 14, 2017

Uprooted children are vulnerable to being preyed upon by smugglers and traffickers. Read more »

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