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We are pleased to present all posts tagged "Ouragan Matthew"

Hurricane Matthew: Worse than expected

Posted by: UNICEF October 7, 2016

With every hour that passes more information about destruction and death is coming in. Every report is directly linked to the life and future of children in Haiti. Over the course of yesterday, following the eventually intensifying stream of updates from partners on the ground I felt darkness creeping up on me – until I remembered that we are moving forward towards relief for children on the ground. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew slams Haiti

Posted by: UNICEF October 5, 2016

Yesterday the worst happened. Hurricane Matthew, slammed into the west coast of Haiti with the full force of 230 kph winds. Millions of children could be at risk. Read more »


Hurricane Matthew poses threat to 6 million children

Posted by: UNICEF October 4, 2016

More than 6 million children may be at risk as the Atlantic’s strongest storm in years makes its way through Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Read more »

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