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Eliminating Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus for Good

Posted by: Stefanie Carmichael September 27, 2016

Every 11 minutes, one newborn baby dies from tetanus. That’s one baby too many. Read more »


How UNICEF is saving lives and providing vaccines to 40 per cent of the world’s children

Posted by: Andrea Ramhit April 26, 2016

UNICEF is not just about working to vaccinate every child. We’re also working to completely rid the world of diseases like polio and maternal and neonatal tetanus. Together, we’re working to make history. Read more »


A partnership to save lives, eliminate tetanus and change the world

Posted by: Guest Author June 25, 2015

As Kiwanis International celebrates its 100 anniversary, we recognize the Government of Canada-Kiwanis-UNICEF Canada partnership to protect mothers and children, eliminate this deadly disease and ultimately change the world. Read more »


Ten things we’ll remember from 2014

Posted by: Andrea Ramhit January 2, 2015

How will you remember 2014? Was it the year of celebrity scandals and civic unrest? For millions of children worldwide, 2014 was a devastating year filled with horror, fear and despair. Here are 10 things we will remember from 2014. Read more »


For Vaccination Week, join a "cold chain mission" in South Sudan

Posted by: Melanie Sharpe April 24, 2013

For World Immunization Week, join a “cold chain mission” in South Sudan. Follow the vaccines as they leave the capital city to protect children in the most remote of villages. No child is too far! Read more »

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