Child Education Programs

UNICEF School House

At UNICEF Canada, we aim to help every child through our child education program, even in the most remote and hard-to-reach places, as well as here in Canada.

To be sure that we reach every child, we have developed a series of child education programs and initiatives specifically geared to you and the growing network of teachers across Canada who have made it a priority to engage, empower and inspire their students to grow and develop as global citizens.

Join UNICEF’s community of educators today and let us help you and your school community invest in the positive transformation of every child’s future.

Host a fundraising campaign to support child education programs. National UNICEF Day is October 31st - teachers and parents find out more about our child education programs and what you can do.
Get engaged in child education. Find out more about UNICEF Canada's Rights Respecting Schools Initiatives and how your school can become a part of it. Find out more about UNICEF Canada's global classroom  child program g and how you can help children learn about their rights and responsibilities and the effects their actions can have, as they explore local to global issues and begin to see themselves as responsible, active global citizens.