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Child Advocacy

UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advance the human rights of children as enduring ethical principles and standards, and ensure a “first call for children” in their societies. UNICEF Canada delivers UNICEF’s mission for children in Canada and worldwide through policy dialogue and advocacy. The global scale of UNICEF’s work provides a unique context for learning from experience; producing evidence and data as a public good; shifting public attitudes about children; and increasing the priority afforded children in policy, resource allocation and other actions that influence child well-being.

How? We bring the issues and concerns of children in Canada and worldwide to the attention of governments and others who influence and develop policy, law and practice. We share practical information, tools, data and evidence with civil society organizations, government and the private sector to help them place children at the centre of decisions and action. We spark innovative approaches to advance the well-being of children by collaborating with a broad and diverse range of Canadians and taking a comprehensive view of children’s lives.

Why? Because no child is too far.

Policy Advocacy for Children

As the world’s advocate for children, we influence perspectives, policies and decisions to advance the well-being of children everywhere.

Child and Youth Initiatives in Canada

We work with young people and a wide range of organizations and champions to change the dialogue about children and childhood.

Innovation for Children

We convene diverse and unusual collaborators to generate innovative approaches to make progress for and with children.

Child-Friendly Governance

We work with governments at all levels to elevate the priority afforded children in decision-making and action that shapes the conditions in which children grow up.

Research and Data for Children

We generate research and pioneer data to advance understanding of children’s lives, identify needs and point to effective solutions.

Children's Rights

We strive to establish children’s universal human rights as the principles and standards for the treatment of children to ensure every child has every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.