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Crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Urgent help needed: ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

To date, there have been 66 reported cases of Ebola with 38 of them confirmed. A total of 2,633 persons have been vaccinated in the three affected health zones of Wangata (Mbandaka), Bikoro, and Iboko, of the Equateur province.  There have been 28 reported deaths from Ebola since this outbreak began.

UNICEF providing support to affected people and regions

UNICEF is one of the most active charity organizations currently providing humanitarian aid and relief in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2018, UNICEF and partners will continue to provide programs for children, families and communities most in need. The ongoing support in the DRC includes: rapid response missions, access to primary healthcare, provision of water and hygiene supplies as well as increased outreach for the treatment of malnutrition.

UNICEF continues to participate actively in the coordination meetings at national, provincial and local level and co-leads the commissions on communication, WASH and psychosocial care; and is also engaged in the working groups on logistics and vaccination. 

Through the setup of emergency latrines, handwashing points, implementing waste management structures (incinerators), training health care volunteers, UNICEF and partners are taking action to stabilize and contain the outbreak.

Children in need of immediate humanitarian aid

UNICEF is trying to reach children who are affected by the outbreak and provide them with support and protection in the form of specialized kits that contain cloth material, cooking utensils, clothes, soap, maps, buckets, mosquito nets and food rations.  As of June 13, 2018, 71 children have been orphaned due to Ebola and were identified and provided with psychological support.