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Child in Syria in winter clothing

Winter has arrived - both here in Canada and in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey where millions of Syrian families and children seek refuge from conflict. 

As more and more children are forced from their homes, their needs far outweigh our resources, leaving a growing number of children at risk. These children escaped with the clothes on their backs, with no time to pack boots, coats and mittens. There is little to shield them from harsh winds and freezing sleet, hail or snow, and heating fuel is too expensive for families who have nothing.

Winter can be a deadly threat for a child, and we believe that no child should die from the cold

You can help bring life-saving warmth to children who may not otherwise survive the winter. 

Your year-end donation at this critical time can help: 

  • Give warmth and health to children in crisis through the gift of emergency blankets 
  • Protect a family from the elements through an emergency shelter 
  • Keep a family warm and healthy through the gift of blankets and winter clothes for two children

At UNICEF, our life-saving work is only possible because of generous partners like you.

Any amount you give will make a difference at this difficult time.