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Displacement and service interruption caused by storms could leave children and families more vulnerable to virus, UNICEF warns

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Weeks of torrential monsoon rains, widespread flooding and deadly landslides in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have affected millions of children and families

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Hundreds of Salvadoran families have had to evacuate their homes due to the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Amanda


Cyclone and COVID-19 present dual threats to children and families in the region, warns UNICEF

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UNICEF appeals for $651.6 million to help children impacted by global pandemic


The estimated number of children displaced by storms and flooding in the Caribbean islands* saw a six-fold increase in the past five years, a new UNICEF report said today.


Millions of children living in areas affected by conflict and disaster are at risk because of substantial shortages in funding for lifesaving humanitarian programmes, UNICEF said today.


With the support of UNICEF, the Government of the Bahamas today begins registering approximately 10,000 students displaced by Hurricane Dorian to enroll them back as soon as possible in safe schools that have not been affected by the natural disaster.


Today UNICEF announced the arrival to Nassau of a plane carrying nearly 1.5 tons of lifesaving supplies that will help provide access to safe water for over 9,500 children and families left reeling by the storm.