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What is The UNICEF Canada Halloween Walk-a-thon? 

The UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon is a fun Halloween event for families to fundraise for children around the world! This Halloween season, we’re asking Canadian families to walk their hood to do some good by turning their trick-or-treating steps into a walk-a-thon for the world’s children. We know that Halloween might not be the same this year. However, families are encouraged to dress up and do their walk any way that they feel comfortable on Halloween.

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Is It Safe to Ask Children to Do a Walk-a-thon During COVID-19? 

UNICEF Canada fully supports public health recommendations and safety measures that are in place to protect children and their families from COVID-19.

We know that Halloween 2021 may look different. This is why we are asking families to complete the walk-a-thon on Halloween in a way that makes them feel comfortable and adheres to the safety measures in place. The walk-a-thon is a chance for children to dress up and capture some of the joy of Halloween while helping kids around the world.

When is the Walk-a-thon Taking Place? 

We are asking families to fundraise throughout the Halloween season and do their celebratory Halloween walk on October 31st while they trick-or-treat or in any way that makes them feel comfortable. Whatever Halloween looks like this year because of the pandemic, you can still walk safely and independently throughout your own neighbourhood, spreading some joy in your community.

How Do I Sign Up For the Walk-a-thon?  

It’s easy to sign up for the UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon: 

  1. Sign your child or family up.  Participants who sign up by October 18th will receive a fun walk-a-thon package in the mail.
  2. Choose a fundraising goal and see what life-changing impact your fundraiser will make possible for kids across the globe.
  3. Set up a fundraising page for your child or family.
  4. Ask family and friends to donate to your fundraiser throughout the Halloween season. Send them the link to your fundraising page so they can donate online. Throughout the Halloween season, UNICEF Canada will send emails to help you learn more about the rights of children everywhere and encourage your fundraising.
  5. Celebrate on Halloween! As you trick-or-treat, walk your neighbourhood in support of UNICEF Canada and collect more donations along the way. Share your Halloween spirit and mark your commitment to protecting every child’s right to a childhood. 

Where Does the Money Go That I Raise for the Halloween Walk-a-thon? 

All of the money raised for the UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon will go towards providing essentials like water, nutrition, education and health care to children around the world.

  1. $22 can provide 54 packets of Plumpy’Nut therapeutic food to nourish 18 malnourished children. 
  2. $62 can help provide safe water, soap, and help reduce waterborne illnesses for 371 children.
  3. $100 can provide 24 children with school supplies including backpacks filled with the classroom essentials a child needs to learn, thrive and reach their full potential.
  4. $260 can provide 795 life-saving vaccines to protect 300 children from preventable diseases like measles, polio and tetanus. 

Why Are You Holding Your Halloween Campaign During These Uncertain Times?

So many milestones of childhood have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As Halloween is a key yearly event in many children’s lives, UNICEF Canada is providing a way to continue this event in a safe way, empowering Canadian kids to connect with other kids around the world and make a difference.

Why Did UNICEF Stop The Orange Box Campaign?

For generations of Canadian families, trick-or-treating included a cardboard coin box around their necks to collect donations for UNICEF Canada. The beloved Orange Box campaign was often children’s first experience with philanthropy.

UNICEF Canada is back for Halloween but our new initiative is modernized to make it relevant in the digital age. Participants who sign up by October 18th will receive a walk-a-thon package in the mail that will include a Halloween Hero Card with a QR code that links to their fundraising page. This card can be worn around a child’s or a parent’s neck and will act as their digital orange box! Those who sign up after October 18th will be able to print their own Halloween Hero Card at home. 

Halloween Hero Card with a QR code

Why Did You Bring Back UNICEF at Halloween?

Our goals for UNICEF’s Halloween Walk-a-thon are to raise money, generate awareness, and engage a new generation to become advocates for children’s rights.

The UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon gives children and families a chance to learn about children in other countries and to understand some of the challenges they are facing. And we are giving participants the tools to make a difference in the lives of those children. By empowering a new generation of children, we are preparing our future leaders to change the world.

Is There A Deadline To Sign Up? 

Registration for the Walk-a-thon is open now until Halloween night.

Please sign up by October 18th to ensure you receive your walk-a-thon package in the mail, including an exclusive Halloween Hero Card with a QR code that links to your fundraising page. Participants who sign up after October 18th will be able to print off their own Halloween Hero Card at home.  

How Do I Deposit The Money I Raise?

The UNICEF Halloween Walk-a-thon is an online fundraising campaign. Participants will create their online fundraising page as part of the sign up process that they can share with family and friends to donate online to their fundraiser. Then our system does the rest! The money comes directly to UNICEF and the person who has donated to your fundraiser is emailed a tax receipt for their donation.

Another way to direct people to your fundraising page is to have them scan the QR code on your Halloween Hero Card that will link to your fundraising page. Participants who sign up by October 18th will receive a Halloween Hero Card in the mail as part of their walk-a-thon package.

What If I Still Have A Question?

If you have any questions, from fundraising to technical issues, please email us at HalloweenHeroes@unicef.ca.