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A message from David Morley

When many Canadians hear the word UNICEF the first thing that springs to mind is a fond childhood memory: the orange box at Halloween, or holiday greeting cards. 

Ever since I started working at UNICEF Canada, people across the country have told me that helping UNICEF is one of their first memories of helping others.  It’s my memory, too.  We’re proud of that legacy, knowing that so many Canadians feel a kinship with UNICEF based on warm memories and positive experiences.

But we are even more proud of UNICEF’s global legacy of saving children’s lives.  We’re proud of the passion, commitment and determination of our colleagues to do whatever it takes to save every child, no matter where that child may live.  For UNICEF, no child is too far, and this sentiment speaks to the lengths we will go to reach children who need us, the risks we will take to get to them, and the depth of our commitment to saving their lives.

We are making progress but there are still so many children to save. 19,000 children die every day, while the simple solutions exist to save them. To us and to you, this is unacceptable.

As part of the UN, we are active in more countries and save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization. We are uniquely positioned to improve child survival rates; we need to get that number – 19,000 – down to zero.

We all agree on one big thing: we cannot stop now. We must marshal all our willpower and strength to make sure that not a single child is forgotten.

Because no child is too far.

Please join us. Save a child’s life.

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