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Subscribing to our newsletter is more than just being a part of yet another email list. By joining, you are participating in the fight for child survival. You will become a part of a global effort to keep children safe, no matter the circumstances.


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become a monthly donor


Tragically, 16,000 children die every day

Regardless of gender, race, geography or circumstance, every child should have the right to grow up with a bright future. But for many around the world, the question is not what they will be when they grow up, but if they will grow up at all.

Monthly Donations provide a future for these desperate children

When you join the monthly donor program, you are saving lives each and every day. In the event of an emergency, you help UNICEF reach the children, families and communities where the need is greatest! Your monthly donations allow UNICEF to be prepared with supplies AND provide ongoing care to the world’s children. With vaccines, clean water, education and health care, it’s through the generosity aand commitment of donors like you that we are able to save more children’s lives than other humanitarian organization.


We need the help of monthly donors

For only 50¢ a day, you can save children's lives.

Your $15 monthly donation can provide:

A monthly donor's $15 gift buys 22 birth registrations for babies

Birth Certificate

22  birth registrations to provide a name and identity

50 cents a day buys 29 packets of plumpy'nut

Plumpy Nut

29 packets of Plumpy Nut to save a malnourished child

50 cents a day buys 69 vaccines for children


69 critical, life-saving measles vaccines

Monthly giving is similar to sponsoring a child - but on a greater scale

The idea of child sponsorship is very generous. However, monthly donations with UNICEF can achieve more success and have even more impact, not only for one child, but many children's lives at the same time: from Africa to Syria, Ukraine to India and more.

You can simply sponsor a child - OR you can become a monthly donor (formerly known as "Global Parent") and impact the lives of hundreds of children at the same time. It only takes 50 ¢ a day.

The more people join UNICEF's Monthly Program, the more impact your collective gifts will make.