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Have you heard of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child?

The CRC Committee has listened to the youth voices of Canada, and has 83 recommendations about how Canada can do better to improve the lives of young people!

By Kiwayne Jones

My name is Kiwayne, a Youth Amplifier at the Office for the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (the Advocate’s Office). I’m happy to introduce to you a simplified version of the recommendations (Concluding Observations) that I have helped to create to make sure that everyone can clearly understand, in simple language, the recommendations that aim to improve the lives of children and youth living in Canada.

Download the recommendations here.

This document outlines how Canada can improve in many ways. Mainly with how young peoples rights should be respected no matter who they are. The CRC Committee tries to make sure countries like Canada provide effective, rights-based treatment for young people.

Here at the Advocate’s Office we try to help others learn about their rights through campaigns such as, the Feathers of Hope Youth Forum which aims to raise the voices of First Nations children living in northern communities ( and the I Do Care Project helping to connect with young people to ask about their experience with health and treatment decisions, to compare experiences with actual health rights, and to identify issues in the care system (

It is not easy for anyone to have a full-life without knowing about their rights and basic entitlements as humans so that they can achieve their full potential.  I would like to challenge those who are aware of their rights to make them alive for others:  I challenge you to take the opportunities given to you every day to lead and teach others about their rights. 

Whether it is chatting with friends, volunteering, or working together we can make rights well-known across Canada, and by spreading knowledge about these recommendations provided in this version of the Concluding Observations.

How do you think you can make children’s rights better known in Canada?

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