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Have you met Plumpy Man?

Lucy Rizzi is a passionate teacher and a concerned global citizen. Last year, she was moved by how the drought in the Horn of Africa was jeopardizing the lives of children - children just like her students at Father John Kelly Catholic School in Ontario.

When Lucy read about Plumpy'Nut (a therapeutic food to treat malnutrtion) in the Toronto Star, she was inspired to take action. Students at Father John Kelly Catholic School came together to host a fundraiser - and Plumpy Man was born!
Lucy created a stick figure drawing to hang in the school. For every $10 the students raised, they pasted a circle to represent Plumpy Man gaining weight.
The Students also organized a Game Day Buy-out, whereby the classrooms would raise money to buy time to play games on a Friday afternoon.  $25 bought 40 minutes, $50 bought 90 minutes, and $100 bought the entire afternoon.  As an incentive for a class to raise more than $100, the top grossing class won a pizza lunch on Game Day.   
Overall, the school had raised $1,700 for Plumpy'Nut. Incredible!
The Toronto Star may have called Plumpy'Nut a "miracle peanut butter," but the real miracle is seeing Canadians like Lucy and her students do all they can to help save lives.
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