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In Uganda, UNICEF Executive Director Lake sees innovation in action

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake’s visit to Kampala, Uganda included sending a text that made him the 105,549th member of U-report, a grassroots program that enables youth to speak out about important community issues. 

U-report is a free SMS-based system developed by UNICEF Uganda that gives young Ugandans a say in the issues that matter most to them, enabling them to respond by free text message to polls on important topics such as reducing violence against children. Poll results are then shared with members of parliament and media outlets, and are posted on the, amplifying the voices of youth to the highest levels.

“This is not simply about youth being able to communicate with each other,” Mr. Lake said of the U-report system. “This is about their becoming a virtual community that really is changing lives all around Uganda.”

Pictured: Tony Lake greets scouts after signing up to become a U-reporter at Treasure Life Youth Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

Innovation Is:

The cultivation, identification and harnessing of great ideas. UNICEF does just that. We take the best of the best, nurture their development, and transform them into life-saving solutions that benefit the world’s most vulnerable children in the world’ most remote and hard-to-reach places.

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