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Geographic Region : North America

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My Life as a UNICEF Canada Co-op Student

Posted by: UNICEF Canada July 12, 2017

Just as I would describe my co-operative learning experience - I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet. I’ll try my hardest not to come across as cheesy, but no guarantees because in my honest opinion, I couldn’t have asked for a better co-op placement than UNICEF Canada. Read more »

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Measuring child well-being in disruptive times

Posted by: Lisa Wolff July 11, 2017

We live in disruptive times. The conditions in which children are growing up are changing quickly, evolving into futures that are difficult to imagine. What does this mean for how we measure their well-being? Ultimately, the discussions revolve around three fundamental questions in the data chain. Read more »

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Seven Canadians making a difference in UNICEF's famine response

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 29, 2017

Meet seven Canadians working to provide urgent humanitarian relief to children at risk of famine. Read more »


Teens Talk, but is Canada Listening?

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 28, 2017

I wasn’t sure where to start this blog post, whether it be with a personal story of my own suicide attempts or if I should jump into the threatening statistics of teen suicide and how unrighteously they are disregarded. Read more »

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I am a Person, Not an Illness

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 27, 2017

In response to UNICEF Report Card 14, which ranks Canada 25 out of 41 rich countries in child well-being, Canadian youth are speaking out about the issues that matter to them Read more »

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Bullying - Record It. Report It. Don’t Support It.

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 23, 2017

What do you think about when you hear the word “bullying”? I think that many people probably find themselves imagining a classic school scenario, where you’re being beat up for lunch money, the jock of the school threatening you with a defiant punch in the face and maybe a scared group of kids slyly turning their backs off to the side. We are educated in schools about what it means to be a bully, and how to react as a bystander (don’t stand by), but do people know about the effects of bullying and the subconscious actions which sometimes hurt even more? Read more »

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We started from the bottom...and we’re still here?

Posted by: UNICEF Canada June 14, 2017

The status of teen mental health and teen suicide in Canada today. Read more »

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