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Progress for children: The past 15 years  and what remains to be done

Posted by: Guest Author October 1, 2015

Nearly 15 years ago, world leaders developed the Millennium Development Goals, ambitious objectives to be achieved by 2015 that would realize a brighter future for all. While collective efforts to achieve those goals have yielded significant gains worldwide, millions of the world’s most vulnerable children still need to be reached. Read more »


10 Underreported Stories: Saving Children’s Lives

Posted by: David Morley December 19, 2012

UNICEF Canada released a new report today on the main killers of children that have gone underreported in Canada this past year. Read more »

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Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Wiped Out in China

Posted by: Emily McNally November 19, 2012

China has joined the ranks of 161 countries free of maternal and neonatal tetanus, one of the world’s leading causes of preventable child deaths. Read more »

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Step Back, Leap Forward

Posted by: UNICEF Canada November 14, 2012

Currently in the DRC, less than three out of ten children have access to safe drinking water. UNICEF and community workers here decided to take a step back in order to take a huge leap forward. Read more »

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Fight Pneumonia. Save a child. November 12.

Posted by: Emily McNally November 12, 2012

Today is World Pneumonia Day. Pneumonia is the number one killer of children under five. It claims a child’s life every 20 seconds. Read more »


Kangaroo Mother Care

Posted by: Emily McNally August 31, 2012

In regions of the world where state-of-the-art incubators are few and far between, premature newborns are beating the odds of survival, thanks to a special UNICEF neonatal program. Read more »

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Angola Celebrates One Year Polio-Free!

Posted by: Emily McNally August 27, 2012

It's been a year since the last reported case of polio in Angola. It hasn't been easy, but the formerly endemic country is well on its way to wiping out the disease once and for all. Read more »

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A Personal Reflection on the Crisis in Syria

Posted by: Guest Author August 8, 2012

Bayan Yammout grew up in war-torn Beirut, experiencing first-hand the hardship conflict places on children – and the life-saving support UNICEF provides. Here are her thoughts on the current situation in Syria. Read more »

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Syrian Volunteers Rise to the Occasion

Posted by: Guest Author July 31, 2012

Razan Rashidi, Communication Officer with UNICEF in Damascus, describes how ordinary people are essential partners of humanitarian organizations responding to the crisis. Read more »

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The End of HIV and AIDS?

Posted by: Emily McNally July 30, 2012

We've come a long way – but there's a long way still to go for children. Read more »

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