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How UNICEF is saving lives and providing vaccines to 40 per cent of the world’s children

Posted by: Andrea Ramhit April 26, 2016

UNICEF is not just about working to vaccinate every child. We’re also working to completely rid the world of diseases like polio and maternal and neonatal tetanus. Together, we’re working to make history. Read more »


Vaccinating children caught in conflict

Posted by: UNICEF April 22, 2016

Children affected by conflict face deprivations that rob them of their health, and by extension, their future. Read more »


Education in emergencies

Posted by: UNICEF January 26, 2016

Children are at the epicentre of today’s global emergencies. Nearly 250 million of them are affected by conflict and millions more face risks from natural hazards and fast-spreading epidemics. A US $2.8 billion appeal being launched by UNICEF aims to reach 43 million children in humanitarian emergencies worldwide. A quarter of the appeal is devoted to education. Read more »


Helping Children in Emergencies

Posted by: Andrea Ramhit January 29, 2015

UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children 2015 report was released today, outlining the situation for children experiencing conflicts, natural disasters and epidemics (like Ebola). If we can help, we must. And though it seems daunting, we will find a way. There is no child too far. Read more »

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