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Tag : Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus

We are pleased to present all posts tagged "Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus"

A partnership to save lives, eliminate tetanus and change the world

Posted by: Guest Author June 25, 2015

As Kiwanis International celebrates its 100 anniversary, we recognize the Government of Canada-Kiwanis-UNICEF Canada partnership to protect mothers and children, eliminate this deadly disease and ultimately change the world. Read more »


For Vaccination Week, join a "cold chain mission" in South Sudan

Posted by: Melanie Sharpe April 24, 2013

For World Immunization Week, join a “cold chain mission” in South Sudan. Follow the vaccines as they leave the capital city to protect children in the most remote of villages. No child is too far! Read more »

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ELLE joins UNICEF on a journey to South Sudan

Posted by: UNICEF Canada April 17, 2013

Christina Reynolds, editor of ELLE Magazine, journeys to South Sudan with UNICEF to see how passionate Canadians are helping to eliminate a deadly disease. Read more »


Guarding Against Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus in South Sudan

Posted by: Melanie Sharpe February 13, 2013

Melanie Sharpe, Media Relations Specialist with UNICEF Canada, is currently in South Sudan with Elle Canada magazine visiting UNICEF’s maternal and neonatal tetanus vaccination campaign in Kuajok. Read more »

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Local Actions are Healing the World this Holiday

Posted by: Andrea Ramhit December 17, 2012

With UNICEF and Kiwanis, Canadians are helping to eliminate tetanus around the globe. Read more »

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Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Wiped Out in China

Posted by: Emily McNally November 19, 2012

China has joined the ranks of 161 countries free of maternal and neonatal tetanus, one of the world’s leading causes of preventable child deaths. Read more »

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