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A child is a child: One girl's perilous journey to safety

Posted by: UNICEF May 17, 2017

Her name is Mary. She's from Benin City in Nigeria. When she was seventeen, Mary tried to escape a life with no prospects to work in a restaurant in Italy. Instead she was set up to be trafficked into the sex industry. Read more »


An agenda for action on children uprooted

Posted by: UNICEF February 28, 2017

Nearly 50 million children are on the move — 28 million of them driven from their homes by conflict, and millions more migrating in the hope of finding a better, safer life. Far too many children encounter deadly danger, detention, deprivation and discrimination. The world must stand up for these children. It is time to take action. Read more »


My wish for refugee and migrant children

Posted by: UNICEF September 26, 2016

To raise awareness on social media and especially on Instagram, UNICEF reached out to some of the biggest illustrators on the channel. We asked them: What do you wish for refugee and migrant children? Read more »


Five Friendships That Remind Us What Giving Truly Means

Posted by: Stefanie Carmichael July 29, 2016

For millions of children around the world, life can be a daily struggle. From managing a disability, to overcoming cyberbullying, to escaping conflict, children face challenges many adults couldn’t even imagine. But the lucky ones don’t have to go through it alone. On the International Day of Friendship, we want you to meet five sets of friends who remind us what giving truly means. Read more »


Children on the move through Europe dream of a ‘normal’ life

Posted by: Guest Author September 1, 2015

Thousands of children and families on the move from conflict zones in the Middle East, Asia and parts of Africa dream of ‘normal’ life. Read more »

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