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Tag : Mother's Day

We are pleased to present all posts tagged "Mother's Day"

7 of the most courageous mothers you'll ever meet

Posted by: UNICEF May 5, 2016

Wherever in the world UNICEF works, we see the same thing from moms time and time again - they’d do anything for their children. This Mother's Day, help mothers everywhere. Read more »


The story of Queen and 'beautiful gift' Neo

Posted by: UNICEF Canada May 2, 2016

The name Neo means ‘beautiful gift’ and that’s exactly what baby Neo is to mom, Queen. Read more »


With the Love of a Mother

Posted by: UNICEF Canada May 9, 2012

Meet aunt Leontina and baby Bright, from Zambia. Little Bright lost his mom to AIDS when he was just 15 months old, and is now living with HIV. But thanks to his aunt’s commitment, this boy’s future is as bright as his name. Read more »

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A Mother's Story - Viet Nam

Posted by: UNICEF Canada May 2, 2012

Every day of the year, women around the world are nurturing our greatest hope for the future – children. But for mothers like Y Giap in Viet Nam, even the essentials are hard to come by. Read more »

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