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We are pleased to present all posts tagged "Somalia"

5 things to know about children and famine

Posted by: UNICEF March 31, 2017

Children can’t wait. Famine, drought and armed conflict are devastating lives and futures Read more »


In time of drought, Somali families forced to separate to survive

Posted by: UNICEF January 5, 2017

Khadija Muuse, 70, is among tens of thousands of Somalis displaced by drought. The men in her family have all left for towns and cities in search of work, leaving her and other women and children behind. Rabaable village, near Garowe, Puntland. Read more »

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A Sustainable Solution in Mogadishu

Posted by: Emily McNally August 29, 2012

UNICEF has developed a creative method of protecting girls and women from violence, while providing families with a means of sustainable income. Read more »

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David's Field Blog: Somalia briefing

Posted by: David Morley October 14, 2011

The security at the UN Compound – the UN’s hub for Eastern Africa – is very tight. People remember the bombing in Nigeria just a few weeks ago. The grounds are lovely, the UNICEF offices are efficient, clean and bright as we head for our briefing on Somalia from Hannan and Shantha. Read more »

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In Somalia, schooling continues for IDPs and incoming children amidst drought crisis

Posted by: Guest Author August 15, 2011

Nearly 100 young Somali children flip through paperback books with as much excitement as if they were reading the latest comic book hot off the presses. The pages, however, are covered with maths and science formulas and handwriting exercises. Read more »

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Field diary: Somali refugee, 14, waits for her life to begin again in Dadaab, Kenya

Posted by: Guest Author July 11, 2011

The Ifo, Hagadera and Dagahaley refugee camps in Dadaab, north-eastern Kenya, are overflowing with refugees from drought and conflict in neighbouring Somalia. Here, UNICEF Kenya’s Edita Nsubuga recounts the story of one adolescent refugee caught in the crisis that has afflicted the entire region. Read more »


Funding appeals and humanitarian action updates

Posted by: Guest Author April 19, 2011

Maulid Warfa is an Emergency Officer with UNICEF in Somalia. He recently visited remote locations in central Somalia as part of a UNICEF team on a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) monitoring mission to assess needs on the ground in the drought-hit zone. Read more »

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Student-run WASH club promotes proper sanitation and hygiene practices in Ethiopia

Posted by: Indrias Getachew April 13, 2011

Somali Regional Water Bureau, with support from UNICEF installed eight water taps inside a school compound. Indrias Getachew writes from the school in Ethiopia. Read more »

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