Press Releases

Publication date: 08/27/14
A cargo plane carrying 68 metric tonnes of health and hygiene supplies from UNICEF landed in Monrovia early Saturday morning, bringing urgently needed supplies to combat the worst Ebola outbreak in global history.
Publication date: 08/26/14
This August UNICEF shipped 1,000 metric tonnes of life-saving supplies for children caught in the world’s most urgent crises -- the largest emergency supply operation in the organization’s history in a single month. The amount delivered would fill 19 cargo jumbo jets.
Publication date: 08/21/14
Today, on behalf of Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, Joe Daniel, Member of Parliament for Don Valley East, announced that Canada is supporting UNICEF’s work to improve access to quality education for vulnerable and underserved children in Kenya. He was joined by Chungsen Leung, Member of Parliament for Willowdale.
Publication date: 08/19/14
The loss of these heroes is a loss to the entire humanitarian community – and the world. On World Humanitarian Day, we mourn their deaths and mark their sacrifice. But we must do more than pay tribute to our colleagues and friends. We must demand protection wherever possible for those who protect the lives of others, and for those most in need of that protection: children.
Publication date: 08/12/14
An unprecedented projected increase in Africa’s child population size provides policymakers with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to craft a child-focused investment strategy that enables the continent, and the world, to reap the benefits of Africa’s demographic transition, UNICEF said in a report issued today.