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Accelerating Progress on Child Survival (2013-2014)

DFATD Contribution: $3,000,000

This project seeks to reduce the number of girls and boys under five years of age dying from malaria and measles, two of the biggest issues affecting child survival in Mozambique. This project assists the Government of Mozambique’s Ministry of Health to deliver targeted health interventions: (i) measles prevention for 3.9 million children, through a nationwide measles vaccination campaign for children under five; and (ii) malaria prevention for 600,000 families, through mass distribution of bed nets in three provinces. The project capitalizes on UNICEF's expertise and capacity to accelerate child survival in Mozambique, the country with the 31st highest under-five mortality rate in the world.

Prevention and Treatment of HIV and Undernutrition in Infants and Young Children (2011-2014)

DFATD Contribution: $2,331,000

This project aims to reduce the vulnerability of children to both HIV and undernutrition in an integrated manner. The project has an emphasis on strengthening coordination and cooperation between HIV and nutrition programs, focusing on four program areas: (1) infant and young child feeding; (2) postnatal follow-up of HIV-exposed infants in prevention of mother-to-child transmission programs; (3) HIV treatment for infants and young children; and (4) treatment of severe acute malnutrition.

Integrated Health Systems Strengthening in Africa (2007-2013)

DFATD Contribution: $19,950,000

This project contributes to reducing the number of children dying from diarrhea and pneumonia, by increasing the use of effective treatments for these childhood illnesses. With CIDA's support, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is seeking to increase demand for oral rehydration salts, zinc and antibiotics, by raising awareness among caregivers and providers about the most effective treatments for diarrhea and pneumonia. UNICEF is also working with the public and private sector in high-burden countries to ensure that communities have access to a reliable supply of effective treatments for these childhood illnesses.

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