Over 5,000 children have been killed in Gaza with thousands more injured. Children are still being held hostage. Their basic rights to life and health are being denied, day after day. The loss and trauma they are experiencing will be borne out for generations to come.   

Children bear no responsibility for war, but they suffer its deepest scars. And they pay the highest price. 

These are the voices of children in Gaza.  

Kenan, 10  

A child stands with his hands in his pockets, looking at the camera. Behind him a line of men wait for bread.
[© UNICEF/UNI463709/El Baba]

Kenan, a 10-year-old child from Rafah, patiently waits in line at the local bakery. "I've been waiting in this endless line since 6 AM just to bring some bread home for the day. Sometimes, I don't get back to my family until five to six hours later," he says.  

“I miss my school the most, my only dream now is to put an end to this war and for the world to send us bread.” 


A girl stands near some water taps, she is looking directly at the camera.
[© UNICEF/UNI463717/El Baba]

Mariam poses for a picture while collecting drinking water for her family, far away from her home. She uses a cart to transport the heavy load. 

"I hope for a ceasefire and I dream of a future where I can return to my school much sooner.” – Mariam, from the Gaza Strip. 

Mohammad, 8 

A child sits on the rubble of his family home, looking at the camera. There is all debris and rubble behind him.
[© UNICEF/UNI463724/El Baba]

Mohammed, an 8-year-old from Rafah City, sits on the rubble of his family's house, which was bombed in an airstrike. 

"I wish for a ceasefire and I wish they could have warned us first or given us time to bring our things, especially my toys." 

Emilia, 6  

A girl sits on a chair looking directly at the camera with a slight smile.
[© UNICEF/UNI448942/El Baba]

Emilia is a six-year-old from Gaza. She has been living at an UNRWA school which has been turned into a shelter for families. She had to evacuate from her home in Beit Hanoun with her family.

"There is nothing like home, but at least we are safe here. I played with my friends who also had to flee their homes to this school. We are too many here," she said. 

Karim, 5  

A child peers from above a damaged building's window.
[© UNICEF/UNI457830/El Baba]

Karim, 5, looks out the window of his house, which was partially destroyed by an aerial bombardment in Rafah. 

“I was playing in the night with my brother inside the house, suddenly we heard a loud voice, and the house shook, and everything started flying around us.” 

Amal, 11  

A girl makes a heart shape from her hands placed on her face. Around her other children look into the camera.
[© UNICEF/UNI463120/El Baba]

Amal, 11, at a shelter in Khan Younis in South Gaza.

“The only thing I want to share is love to the entire world, I want them to know and to understand that we are kids like any other kid on this earth.”