UNICEF is the world’s leading humanitarian organization for children and we have been working in Canada for more than 60 years. We support the right to a childhood so kids everywhere can grow up safe, healthy and happy. 

Our commitment to helping every child survive and reach their potential is also our commitment to using every donor dollar effectively and efficiently.

2022 Financial Results

For more information, visit unicef.ca/WhereYourMoneyGoes 

We work with governments and a variety of stakeholders to ensure that funding decisions are data-driven, results-oriented, scalable and are supported by the communities where we work. And our ability to collaborate with governments around the world to scale up UNICEF projects means that the impact of donor dollars is multiplied many times over.


We are one of only 285 charities across Canada to meet the rigorous accountability guidelines of the Imagine Canada Standards Program. With this accreditation, you can be assured that UNICEF Canada has met the highest standards for: 

  • Board Governance
  • Financial Accountability and Transparency
  • Fundraising
  • Staff Management
  • Volunteer Involvement

Annual Reports

You can see the impact of donor support on the lives of children, families and communities, and more on how funds are allocated in our Annual Reports and Financial Statements.

For more information on our impact together for children, visit our campaigns and programs results page.

Financial Statements

Canada Revenue Agency

UNICEF Canada is a charitable organization in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency.

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