Campus Clubs are student-led groups in high schools, universities and colleges who share the belief they can take simple yet effective steps to help address the many challenges children face around the world.

Within their school communities, Campus Clubs educate, advocate and fundraise for UNICEF’s work to defend every child’s right to a childhood. Through engaging with UNICEF Canada, students can change the world for future generations by ensuring that the children and youth of today have what they need—education, nutrition, safe water, protection and healthcare— to fulfill their potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

It is UNICEF Canada’s goal to empower youth to be effective global citizens — thinking globally and acting locally for the world’s most vulnerable children.

Learn more about what it takes to start a UNICEF Campus Club at your school! 

Please note that your University or School should only have one club registered with UNICEF Canada. Check to see if your school has an active Campus Club this year before registering, and refer to our FAQ. After your Campus Club is registered, you will have access to exclusive resources from UNICEF Canada.