schools For UNICEF

Schools for UNICEF is a school fundraising program all about kids helping kids, and schools helping schools around the globe.

Every child has the right to quality, inclusive and safe education. Schools play an important part in children’s overall well-being, such as providing access to health and nutrition programs, safe water and hygiene practices, safeguarding against violence, and quality learning.

In 2022, UNICEF’s education programs provided 37.9 million out-of-school children with access to education. Among these were 251,565 children with disabilities and 18.6 million children in humanitarian settings. 

UNICEF’s role in schools include:

  • Protecting and promoting physical and mental health, nutrition, well-being and development;
  • Promoting good hygiene practices and providing access to safe water and sanitation facilities;
  • Protecting children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect;
  • Providing access to learning opportunities and improved skills development.

Good health, nutrition, protection and education extend beyond rights; they are also an investment in a country’s future.

Join Schools for UNICEF and help provide quality, inclusive and safe education so children around the globe can learn, build friendships, and gain the critical skills they need to navigate life, work and active citizenship.

By fundraising for Schools for UNICEF, students can actively participate in making the world a better place for children, fostering learning, growth and empowerment on a global scale.

The Impact Your School Can Make

schools supplies
can provide 17 children with
basic school supplies
nutritious food
can nourish 43 children
experiencing malnutrition
can provide 260 children in schools with
clean water for a year
can immunize 430 school children against
measles, polio and tetanus

Steps for a Successful School Fundraiser

  1.     Register your school and set up a fundraising page.
  2.     Decide on a fundraising activity that works for your school and raise funds to help children around the globe have a successful school day.
  3.     Track your fundraising progress, then celebrate your accomplishments as a school!

Thank you for supporting UNICEF’s work in schools, for every child.

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