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It’s not too late for the millions children of Yemen and other countries suffering from malnutrition and disease. You can help them see a better day.  

Yemen’s story is not over.  

The ongoing war has made Yemen a living hell for every child in the country. A critical shortage of food and medicines threatens millions of lives. Homes and hospitals are under attack. War has destroyed livelihoods, and parents have no way to provide basic necessities for their children.  

More than 6,700 children have been killed or maimed in the conflict. An appalling 11.3 million children — 80% of all children in the country — are relying on humanitarian assistance just to survive. They urgently need food, clean water, vaccinations and medical care.  

Saba is an example of how dire the risk is. Food shortages and the lack of supplies and jobs have forced her parents into poverty. There is simply not enough food to go around.  

This frail little girl arrived at a UNICEF-supported Therapeutic Feeding Centre with severe acute malnutrition. Her clothes draped from her thin frame – the doctor could count every rib. On top of that, she had constant diarrhea and her weakened body burned with fever. There are thousands of children in Yemen just like Saba.  

The good news is we have the power to help them. Please make a donation to UNICEF today and put an end to the suffering of children like Saba all over the world. 

Your donation can help:  

  • Provide Plumpy’Nut®, a special peanut paste specifically designed to bring malnourished children back from the brink of death  
  • Give children immediate, life-saving help by restocking an emergency medical clinic with supplies  
  • Ensure children are vaccinated so they do not die from preventable diseases 

Please give today so we can deliver life-saving food and medicine to these extremely vulnerable children.  

Children’s lives hang in the balance and we need to do everything we can to help them survive. Any gift today will help save lives.