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Children’s rights are in danger

COVID-19 is not only a global health crisis — it’s a child rights crisis. Over the past two years, children have sacrificed so much of their childhoods to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. 

They missed out on seeing family and friends and lost access to critical services that keep them healthy, happy and safe. In fact, more than 1.6 billion students were out of school during mandatory lockdowns. And in many low- and middle-income countries, learning losses resulted in 70% of 10-year-olds being unable to read or understand a simple text.

Marginalized children have paid the highest price.

Here in Canada, we have seen an increase in food insecurity. And around the world, at least 100 million children are now living in poverty because of COVID-19. Girls are also facing an increased risk of gender-based violence. Up to 10 million additional child marriages could occur before 2030 as a direct consequence of the pandemic

In any emergency situation, protecting children’s rights should be the top priority. But the reality is, those rights are often the first to be sacrificed and the last to be prioritized. 

Join us in becoming a child right’s advocate today.

Child rights are human rights. Although they have their own unique rights, children still rely on adults to nurture, protect and guide them. But many legal frameworks give children less status and protection than adults.

Governments have a duty to prioritize children’s best interests, but have often overlooked children's needs when making decisions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is why child right’s advocates like you are so important. Children need us to help elevate their voices to ensure their rights are protected. 

We can’t undo the losses children have already experienced because of COVID-19. But we can help ensure — going forward — that every child, everywhere, has their right to a childhood protected at all costs. 

Join us in becoming a child rights advocate to champion the rights of children at home and around the world. 

Help defend children’s rights

Together, we must take action to ensure children’s rights everywhere are protected. Become a child rights advocate today to help defend every child's right to a childhood. 

I want to become a child rights advocate

Today, I’m joining UNICEF Canada to protect children’s rights. Together, we can defend every child’s right to a childhood.