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The 28th Annual Chefs for UNICEF Water for Life Gala brings together an unparalleled collection of international culinary delights as Nova Scotia’s best Chefs create an unforgettable experience in support of UNICEF’s life-saving work for children.


The goal is to raise $300,000 to provide clean, safe water in secondary schools in Uganda.


Wednesday April 15, 2020


Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Honorary Chair

Colin MacDonald

Event Co-Chairs

Melanie Nadeau
Jeannine Bakeeff

Patrons Council

Greg Bakeeff
Jeannine Bakeeff
Jamie Berryman
Steve Bird
Troy Calder
Kim Day
Andrew Inch
Brenda Kops
Nicole Langille
Lori Park
Christine Pound
Melanie Nadeau
Keith Skiffington
Phyllis Stephenson

Organizing Committee

Laurel Boyle
Daisy Cobden
Ambrose Currie
Diane Davidson
Alannah Delahunty-Pike
Sean Doucet – Lead Chef
Natalie Irwin
Laura Kennedy
Nicole Langille
Andre LeBlanc
Brenda MacPhee
Laura Maynard
Sarah Meade
Jennifer Murray
Matthew Orrell
Wendy Phillips
Caleb Power
Nousha Saberi
Joanna Shackleton


  • Advocate: $10,000
  • Collaborator: $5,000
  • Humanitarian: $3,000
  • Individual Tickets: $300

Or... Make an Online Donation

You can support the UNICEF Water for Life Gala Halifax by donating online.

Or... Buy a Water for Life Bundle

Water for Life Bundle


Donate a Water for Life bundle containing 75 bars of soap, 500 sachets of oral rehydration salts, and 3,250 water purification tablets, a collapsible water container, and a bucket, providing 225 children with the tools to purify water, stay clean and treat diseases from waterborne illnesses. 

Uganda field visit

Local UNICEF committee volunteers Caleb Power and Laura Kennedy recently returned from a field trip to Uganda where they saw first-hand the impact the Halifax community is having in providing clean water and sanitation infrastructure in secondary schools across Uganda. 

Uganda field visit
Uganda field visit

Event Representative

Holly Davidson
Manager, National Events

Please contact Holly for more information:


Contact UNICEF at 1(800) 819-0889 ext. 8204 or by email at hdavidson@unicef.ca.

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