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UNICEF Canada is working with Faculties of Education across Canada, with funding provided by CIDA’s Global Classroom Initiative and UNICEF Canada. This partnership increases the number of Canadian teachers and students practicing global education and children’s rights education, by enhancing teachers’ abilities to integrate curriculum-mandated teaching and learning for global citizenship in their classrooms.

UNICEF Canada’s Global Classroom Managers are working with the following universities:

As a result of this partnership:

  • Over 7000 pre-service teachers and practicing teachers participated in UNICEF Canada. workshops and courses New elementary and secondary teacher resource guides, workshop models and a course were created for use by future pre-service teachers at all 7 faculties.
  • One new course on Global Citizenship was created and is now mandatory at the University of Prince Edward Island.
  • Professors explored  global education and children’s rights in greater depth, through self-directed learning and curriculum review.

We are excited to share with you these excerpts of the resource guides and course outlines that were created with our university partners. If you are interested in the entire resource, and/or learning more about how you can get involved with UNICEF Canada, please contact us at


Applying a rights-based Approach to education. A Resource Guide and Activity Toolkit


A Practical Guide for Schools in Atlantic Canada


An educational Resource for Ontario Parenting Courses

What Are Universities Saying?

One of the rewarding and far-reaching aspects of this work is that it allows us to compile comprehensive evaluations of the learning experiences of the teacher candidates, practicing teachers and faculty in our workshops and classes. Many of the teacher candidates are expressing the view that all faculties of education should teach children's rights.

"I just honestly did not think about how very important this issue was before this workshop. I knew that human rights existed, but now I see what they mean." (OISE Teacher Candidate)

"I think all teacher candidates should be educated on this topic. All universities should educate about children's rights, especially in the B Ed. programs" (OISE Teacher Candidate)

"Being able to treat students with respect for their own stories is essential for my teaching philosophy." (University of British Columbia Teacher Candidate)

"The workshop is very informative and provides lots of great resources. I also like how the Global Classroom Manager runs the discussions and models great teaching practices." (University of British Columbia Teacher Candidate)

"I believe that many teachers use certain concepts from children's rights education but without knowing and with few resources. This workshop has made us more conscious and peaked our curiosity. Furthermore, the subject is very pertinent and I'm anxious to create activities and to apply these rights on a daily basis." (Québec University in Montréal – UQÀM – Teacher Candidate)

"Every teacher should attend this workshop. I think it is important for every child to know their rights. I now feel like teaching this to them." (Sherbrooke University Teacher Candidate)


We work with interested faculty partners in the areas of curriculum development, research and training. If you are interested in working with us, contact us at