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Thank you for your interest in celebrating National UNICEF Day 2016 with your children. Parents play a vital role in the National UNICEF Day Campaign as your support will allow children to continue to raise awareness and fundraise outside of school and within their community. Your contribution will give vulnerable children around the world a chance to have access to what they need to survive and thrive.

Teach your children about the importance of National UNICEF Day

Please read our FAQ page covering what the National UNICEF Day campaign is all about and how your funds will contribute to helping children around the world, and learn more about UNICEF by watching the video above.

Thank you for supporting UNICEF to help provide children with a safer and happier future in just about every country in the world. With your help, we reach children in need, wherever they are, no matter how far away. Because at UNICEF, we believe that no child is too far.

Thank you for caring and taking action.