What is the UNICEF Report Card?

UNICEF Report Cards measure child and youth well-being in wealthy countries.

Report Card 17 specifically addresses the impacts of environmental stressors on the well-being of children and youth under age 18.

How does Canada rank?

an image showing Canada's ranking

Canada ranks 28th among 39 wealthy countries in the overall environmental well-being of children and youth.

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"Climate change is here, and its impacts are devastating. But it’s not too late to change things. We know we will never achieve a perfect world, but as young people, we will never stop fighting for a better future. To the adult allies and decision-makers, we ask, are you with us?"

- Ella, Karel and Katie, youth climate advocates


Environmental well-being, for every child

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis.

Rising temperatures, higher sea levels, pollution, unsafe water, excess waste and extreme weather events affect not only the world we leave for future generations but also the rights of children of today; especially children who are Indigenous or racialized, have disabilities or are in the lowest income level. Environmental damage including air and pesticide pollution and loss of green space is damaging children’s minds and bodies.

Young people are the least responsible, but the most affected by the impacts of climate change.

Every child has the right to a healthy environment, yet Canada’s ranking indicates they expect the youngest generation to weather the storm of the climate emergency.

Canada would require five Earths to sustain its current resource consumption.

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The environmental impacts not only affect the environmental well-being of current and future generations of children in Canada, but our actions also spread to children beyond our borders.

It’s time for our environmental protection to match our environmental impact - it’s time to act, for every child.

Tell the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada that it’s #TimeToAct and that you support the right to a healthy environment.