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UNICEF has been working in Venezuela for over 50 years. Your donation will help us reach 3.2 million children in Venezuela who need essential nutrition, health and education services. All of which are their basic human right.  

The Venezuelan Crisis continues to put children at risk

UNICEF is concerned that the escalating situation in Venezuela continues to reduce children’s access to essential services and increase their vulnerability, rolling back decades of progress.

According to United Nations estimates based on official and other sources: 

  • Some 3.2 million children – 1 in 3 – are in need of urgent assistance;
  • 4.3 million people do not have access to safe water with 14 per cent of the population receiving clean water every 15 days;
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases including measles and diphtheria have re-emerged, while yellow fever and malaria are on the rise. 

"As the country grapples with the impact of a devastating economic and political crisis, we continue to provide its most vulnerable children, wherever they are, with the humanitarian support they need. Children’s needs must always remain above politics." -Paloma Escudero, UNICEF Director of Communication

How is UNICEF helping children in Venezuela?

As one of the major humanitarian actors in Venezuela, the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children is our primary concern and responsibility. Through the support of our donors, we are planning to provide humanitarian assistance to 1.3 million people spread across the areas of: health, water, sanitation, protection and education.

By the end of the year, UNICEF will: 

  1. Vaccinate over 1.2 million children under 5 against devastating highly contagious, yet preventable disease – measles; 
  2. Provide 800,000 Venezuelans with essential access to safe drinking water;
  3. Treat 7,000 children under 5 suffering from severe or moderate malnutrition;
  4. Reach 216,000 children with psychosocial and protection support;
  5. Protect children’s futures by distributing education materials to 680,000 children.

UNICEF cannot reach these goals without your support. Your donation allows us to reach more vulnerable children. It helps provide more vaccines, water and sanitation services, malnutrition treatment and medical supplies, and ensure that children have the education supplies and protection support that are essential to their future and well-being. 

Please help children in crisis 

What Has UNICEF Done in Venezuela so Far?

Working with a large spectrum of partners and stakeholders, UNICEF has reached:  

  • Over 180,000 people with access to safe drinking water and an additional 19,000 people with water, sanitation and hygiene services in health centers, schools and other learning and child-friendly spaces.
  • Nearly 76,000 children, pregnant and breastfeeding women with micronutrient supplementation  
  • About 250,000 children with vaccines against polio and 160,000 with vaccines against diphtheria – preventable life-threatening diseases  
  • 60,000 children with education materials 
  • Nearly 11,900 children and young people with psychosocial support.