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Benefits of Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is a wonderful giving option for both you and children supported by UNICEF. Our Monthly Donor Program allows you to spread your donations out during the year, providing us with a dependable base of support. This ensures your donation is invested in long-term projects to benefit children.

UNICEF’s monthly giving is affordable, flexible, effective and convenient.

Affordable and Flexible - You can choose your monthly gift to start as low as 33₵ a day ($10/month). You are welcome to modify your monthly gift at any time and 100% of your donation is eligible for a tax credit.

Effective - Your monthly gift provides a steady source of income that will provide weeks, months and years of health, education and protection to children in need.

Convenient - You can choose to make your monthly donation by credit card or by automatic deduction from your bank account and you determine the amount of your monthly gift.

Monthly gifts provide UNICEF with:

  • A steady and predictable source of income to ensure we can consistently reach children in need
  • Donations acquired with substantially lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods
  • Donations that will provide long-term health, education and protection programs to children in great need
  • The ability to plan ahead and invest in long-term solutions for children