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Subscribing to our newsletter is more than just being a part of yet another email list. By joining, you are participating in the fight for child survival. You will be the first to know if an emergency hits and children need your immediate help. You will also receive regular updates about UNICEF’s child survival programs worldwide. 

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50¢ a day as a monthly donor can save a child's life

50¢ a day can save a child's life

What you do today, can save a child tomorrow.

All children deserve to lead safe and healthy lives. For just 50¢ a day you can give the world’s most vulnerable children the nutrition, water and medical supplies they desperately need to survive. Your help is urgently needed.

We need the help of monthly donors

Wherever children are in need, we are there. But we can’t provide help without your support.

When you join the Monthly Donor Program, you are saving children’s lives each and every day. In addition to the tax receipt you will receive, we will provide you with regular updates about UNICEF’s important work and the positive impact your donation has made in the lives of children.

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50¢ a day can provide:

50 cents a day buys 27 packets of plumpy'nut

Plumpy Nut

27 packets of Plumpy’Nut to treat a child for malnutrition

50¢ a day can provide 28 children with pencils and notebooks

Pencil and Notebook bundles

25 children with pencils and notebook bundles

50 cents a day buys 65 life-saving polio vaccines

Polio Vaccines

60 life-saving polio vaccines