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Wherever children are in need, UNICEF is there. Support from monthly donors provides food; shelter; clean water; healthcare and vaccines; protection and education to help the world’s most disadvantaged children. Every gift gives children a chance at survival, a childhood and a future.

Canadian monthly donors are a lifeline in some of the world’s toughest places to be a child. Your ongoing support allows us to be ready to protect children in emergencies, to provide urgent relief at a moment’s notice, and to stay on the ground for as long as help is needed. You can make a difference for children even in regions facing long-term crises, like South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, India and Ukraine. 

When you become a monthly donor with UNICEF Canada, you’ll help children every single day by investing in their health, safety and future all year long. And we’ll show you the difference you’re making around the world with regular videos, emails and reports. 

Your compassionate choice to give monthly means that, together, we can be there for every child at every opportunity. No exceptions. Become a monthly donor now »

Monthly donors save lives

Why children need your monthly donation:

  • You have the power to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases – a leading cause of death for children under age 5.
  • You could reverse the symptoms of severe malnutrition for children by supplying therapeutic food at UNICEF field clinics.
  • You can be a game-changer for children who are out of school, giving them the chance to learn, make friends and dream of possibility.

Your monthly donations can provide:

64 children with
measles vaccines
therapeutic food
A health clinic with 49 packets of
therapeutic food
A family with 3 months of
clean water