It's that time of the year when you want to give your loved ones a gift they love. And what better way to celebrate this giving season than by making a gift that you can share with children around the world?  

With UNICEF Canada's Survival Gifts, you can go beyond boxes and bows and help provide children with school supplies, warmth against cold winter nights, vaccinations that will reach remote communities, and much more! 

These gifts of hope aren't just holiday presents but bring about positive change in the lives of children across the world. Check out our top 5 gift picks for real gifts with real impact: 

Educate 2 Girls 

Two girls stand in front of their school in blue school uniforms

Did you know girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives? 

Help empower girls by sending them to school so they can learn the skills they need to become leaders and professionals of tomorrow. Help send two girls to school in Uganda or Somalia with this education package.  

Your gift will be matched! This means you can help educate twice as many girls. 

Reunite a Child with their Family 

A mother embracing her son wearing winter clothes in Ukraine

In the chaos of disasters and conflict, many children get separated from their loved ones. Support a child as they are reunited with family and community by providing them with a hygiene and clothing package. 

This gift is matched giving you a chance to make double the impact. 

Restock a Malnutrition Centre 

A young boy eating therapeutic food from a sachet sitting on a man's lap at a malnutrition centre in Yemen.

Did you know at least 1 in 3 children is not growing well because of malnutrition? Emergency responders depend on adequate stocks of therapeutic food, micronutrient powder and oral rehydration salts to treat malnourished children. 

A gift from you could help 1,256 children by stocking a malnutrition centre with 108 packets of ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF), 1,000 micronutrient powder sachets, 120 therapeutic biscuits, and 200 oral rehydration salts. 

School in a Box 

A UNICEF school in a box kit with school bags, rulers, and other stationary

Education is the lifeline for children in emergencies. 

UNICEF ensures uninterrupted education for children affected by humanitarian crises, especially for girls, children with disabilities, internally displaced children, and those who are refugees and migrants. 

A School in a Box has supplies that can teach 40 children. When a crisis strips a community of its education resources, a school in a box gift from you can help equip teachers to turn a tent or the shade of a tree into a classroom. 

Urgent Aid  

Two young girls and a boy stand in a refugee camp with the girl holding a UNICEF box in Aleppo, Syria.

2023 has been a challenging year with many crises. For children threatened by emergencies, humanitarian aid can’t arrive fast enough. 

A donation to address the most urgent needs brings life-enhancing nutrition, education and emergency relief to the children whose lives hang in the balance. This gift could provide urgent aid to 4,000 children. 

Give a gift with impact, far beyond the holiday season.

UNICEF Canada's Survival gifts are perfect if you want to create a ripple effect beyond the giving season. As you wind up your holiday gift shopping, consider these real, impactful gifts that can bring hope to children around the world and extra cheer to your loved ones.