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Category : HIV & Aids

HIV & Aids is one of UNICEF’s main programs. On this page, you will find more information about current and past UNICEF projects, child stories and ways you can get involved.

Meet Livey: From pregnant and HIV-positive teen to inspiring young mayor

Posted by: UNICEF November 26, 2016

Livey Van Wyk, 31, has come a long way from pregnant and HIV-positive teenager to becoming a fulfilled mother and an influential and inspiring young mayor who is the pride of her native Namibia. Her life tells a powerful story of courage and hope, in which UNICEF played a crucial role to help her not only survive, but also thrive. Read more »

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Interview with Peter Wyse, Featured Artist, UNICEF Canada Holiday Cards

Posted by: Stefanie Carmichael September 30, 2016

Peter Wyse is a Sobey Art Award nominee from British Columbia. He’s also a featured artist on this year’s UNICEF holiday cards, sales of which go towards supporting our work to reach the most vulnerable children around the world and helping them survive and thrive. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better. Read more »

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Innovation for life

Posted by: UNICEF July 20, 2016

Innovation technology is reaching children who need it the most in Malawi. Read more »

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HIV/AIDS continues to stalk children and adolescents – UNICEF

Publication Date: 2016-07-18

On the eve of the 21st International AIDS Conference taking place in Durban this week, UNICEF warned that despite remarkable global progress in tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic, much work remains to be done to protect children and adolescents from infection, sickness and death. Read more »

Flying high to save children from HIV in Malawi

Posted by: UNICEF March 23, 2016

Drones in Malawi could be the breakthrough in overcoming challenges in diagnosing HIV in children who are the hardest to reach. Read more »

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Malawi tests first UAV flights for HIV Early Infant Diagnosis

Publication Date: 2016-03-16

The Government of Malawi and UNICEF have started testing the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) to explore cost effective ways of reducing waiting times for HIV testing of infants. The test, which is using simulated samples, will have the potential to cut waiting times dramatically, and if successful will be integrated into the health system alongside others mechanisms such as road transport and SMS. Read more »

I could not stand idly by - A powerful story for World AIDS Day

Posted by: Guest Author November 30, 2015

Mani Djelassem Virgille is a brave young woman, advocating for children living with HIV. We share her story for World AIDS Day. Read more »

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David's blog from Ukraine: The Inferno

Posted by: David Morley October 7, 2014

Ukraine has the highest rate of new HIV infections in Europe. For Ukraine's forgotten teenagers, a new pilot project brings NGOs who work with street youth and sex workers together with the Ministry of Health to provide peer support, counseling and medical services. Read more »

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David's Blog from Ukraine: Kiev

Posted by: David Morley October 6, 2014

In Ukraine, the national sense of insecurity is mirrored in the lives of each of the families that I meet. Read more »

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