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Hey! You have to wake up and realize what you are doing is wrong.

Though you may not notice, people everywhere are suffering and dying, or gone.

The weather is getting stronger and pollution is everywhere.

Animals are going extinct, and you don’t even care. You just stand there with no actions.

It’s just not fair.

Oh! How I wish you humans would do something for me.

I am slowly dying and y’all, all die with me.

There is no escape. It’s clear to see unless you help me now. Come on! Join me.

You see, I cannot do it all alone. I need you humans to be kind to one another.

Don’t destroy your own humanity. Your diversity is beautiful. Your religions are sweet.

Your joy is contagious but your anger and hate, and violence is nasty.

You’ll never know how much you love something until it is gone. It is the sad truth.

Please don’t let it be too late.

- Karen R., 15

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