Hey 2019!

We know the world seems pretty bleak right now. You are fighting on many fronts and it sometimes feels like you don’t have a voice or adults aren’t listening.

We’re writing to you from 2030 because we know you need a little boost. First of all, you’re so amazing, capable, and strong. We couldn’t be more proud of who you are today and all that you’re doing right now.

Canada in 2030 is a better place because of you! In 2030, young people like you are more involved in our governments. We’ve lowered the federal voting age to 15, which means youth are a key voting demographic. We also have the youngest and most diverse Cabinet on Parliament Hill in Canadian history.

Youth leaders in politics and grassroots activism have brought many issues to the national agenda. We’ve made access to education a top priority, breaking down economic and social barriers for young people across communities. Your critical thinking and radical empathy have also created more inclusive, safer spaces and movements.

Our leaders in 2030 are also much better at making decisions that support our planet. Sustainability is now at the forefront of every sector and field. Young people, like you, taught our country the value of our environment, and the powerful connection between the wellbeing of our planet and ourselves.

And all these changes are a result of your leadership and voices. Thank you for refusing to take “no” for an answer. We want you to know that your work is important and is changing the world. Keep going. Keep striving for more. Don’t give up hope.

And while you’re working hard, don’t forget to take care of yourselves and the people around you. It’s a long road ahead and you need to keep yourself strong, healthy, and resilient.

Now get back to it! The time for action is now and nothing is too small or insignificant. We need to inspire and support each other if we’re going to achieve our goals.

See you soon!


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