Written by UNICEF Canada Youth Advocate Noura, 22 from Ontario

No matter our differences, we have always shared the same planet, the same home. Our planet has supported us by providing countless resources, diverse ecosystems, and a variety of conditions, all with their unique circumstances.  

With all its beauty and still so much to discover, we as a species have taken it all for granted. With the frequency of recent natural disasters and other unfavourable conditions caused by negligence, it is no surprise that many individuals have started to give up hope for a better future in our wonderful home.  

Small Adjustments have a Domino Effect 

Many individuals assume that personal changes are insignificant and insufficient to have a substantial impact. However, it is precisely these small adjustments that initiate a domino effect, inspiring others to adopt similar practices. Simple actions, such as minimizing electricity and water usage, purchasing cruelty-free products, and properly recycling can collectively make a substantial difference. Additionally, reducing the reliance on disposable items and reusing existing resources are crucial steps.  

It is also important to remember that we are not alone in our concern for the environment. Many communities are already proactively addressing environmental issues through initiatives such as preventing deforestation and promoting tree planting, as well as organizing efforts to remove litter from shores, coastal areas and the ocean. 

The Importance of Incremental Changes 

These incremental changes, when adopted on a larger scale, have the potential to accumulate over time, becoming a powerful catalyst for accelerated and widespread change. By recognizing the importance of individual actions, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. 

In addition to adopting new habits and lifestyle changes, one of the most powerful tools at anyone's disposal is advocacy. Using one's voice to educate the community about the current and impending consequences of climate change is crucial.  

Our planet provides us with countless resources and benefits— it is only fair that we reciprocate by working towards protecting and preserving the Earth. By joining these efforts through our words and actions, we can support and strengthen these initiatives. This collective effort can help spread awareness and influence others to participate in making a meaningful impact.  


Use Your Voice to Advocate

Let us actively harness our sense of community and use our voices to advocate for a sustainable future, to help future generations to prosper and live freely and to save countless lives through our very actions now. Through advocacy, I have learned that significant progress can be achieved through collective effort.  

Although I am deeply concerned about the current state of our climate and the increasing frequency of natural disasters and obstacles in our way, I remain hopeful and optimistic. Each small step taken by an individual contributes significantly to the collective impact within our communities; and by educating myself, I hope that I have taken a step as well.

This is a guest author blog. The views or opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of UNICEF Canada.