This Valentine’s Day, let’s stand together and spread the love – with gifts that can save lives. You can honour a special someone by giving the gifts of survival, shelter and hope to children in need.

What better way to tell someone you love them than to send a gift that will change a child’s life?  UNICEF Survival Gifts® are real gifts with real impact for children in need around the world. They are quick and easy to send, and their impacts are life-changing. You can also add a personalized card to your gift so that your recipient will learn about the difference they’re making.


Here are our favourite picks for unique and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to spread love at home and across the globe.

Mother and baby

1. Newborn Kit ($22)

Help welcome a baby and give her the best start in life with our Newborn Kit. This affordable gift set includes a blanket for warmth, birth registration to ensure she gets access to education and healthcare, and essential vaccines to provide protection against measles, polio and tetanus.


2. Emergency Family Shelter ($65)

Last year, thousands of families became homeless because of hurricanes, earthquakes or conflict. Nothing spreads love more than giving the gift of a safe shelter. You can provide a temporary UNICEF shelter for a family of five. This gift comes with five blankets to keep everyone warm.

Child under mosquito net

3. Sleep Safe & Anti-Malaria Pack ($23)

The Sleep Safe & Anti-Malaria Pack protects children and mothers from malaria, a potentially fatal disease carried by mosquitoes that infects millions of people every year. Children face the greatest risk from malaria. Keep them safe while they sleep, with specially treated mosquito bed nets and anti-malaria tablets.

Child getting vaccine

4. Vaccine Pack ($47)

You can immunize 61 children, helping to guard them for life against three deadly diseases. This pack contains vaccines for tetanus, polio and measles.

Child and family

5. Reunite a Child with Their Family ($26) 

Conflicts and emergencies often cause children to become separated from their families and care givers. Reunite a child with their family, with the support of a social worker, by providing transportation home so he or she can be reintegrated with their family and community.

Baby in blanket

6. Blankets for Babies ($27)

Cozy baby blankets are crucial to the growth and development of little ones. You can keep vulnerable newborns snug and warm with a set of three infant blankets. This gift will wrap babies in comfort and security, protecting them from cold and illness.

Mother getting vaccinated

7. Mother and Baby Tetanus Pack ($37)

Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus kills one newborn baby every 11 minutes. Save babies from the painful and devastating effects of tetanus. This gift of tetanus vaccines for mother and child will immunize expectant mothers who then pass on their immunity to their babies.

UNICEF Survival Gifts are real items that are distributed in response to real need. When you order a gift, it will be shipped from our UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark, to children and families in need around the world.

Your gifts will make a real impact on children’s lives

Compassion, one of the most emblematic Canadian values, can manifest itself in many ways. Sending life-saving gifts to children in times of need is one of them. Thank you for sending some Canadian love to children around the world this Valentine’s day!

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