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mHero: Track Ebola in Liberia

UNICEF and its partners have deployed mHero in Liberia to assist health workers on the front lines of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. The RapidPro-like system links health ministry staff with professionals caring for patients and communities affected by the virus. mHero allows for:

  • Real-time reporting about new and suspected Ebola cases;
  • Up-to-date information about medicine stocks;
  • On-the-spot surveys;
  • Messages to the field with outbreak updates and tips;
  • Broad dissemination of behavioural health communications.

EduTrac: Learn in Afghanistan

EduTrac is an education monitoring system built from RapidPro that has connected more than 70 teachers in UNICEF’s accelerated learning centres spread throughout in Kandahar. The learning centres teach formerly out-of-school adolescents reading and math using a condensed curriculum. EduTrac allows the teachers to:

  • Report the needs of their centre to UNICEF;
  • Share knowledge;
  • Coordinate with other teachers;
  • Offer support and guidance to each other.

U-Report: Empower communities in Nigeria

UNICEF’s health section, in collaboration with senior managers in the Nigerian government, have provided the public a way to engage in a two-way conversation that can help address community needs. U-Report, developed based on RapidPro, is a free tool that allows the public to:

  • Report concerns about issues including health, child protection and water, sanitation and hygiene;
  • Receive vital health and safety notices;
  • Participate in UNICEF surveys that will allow for better allocation of resources.

RapidPro: [TD1] Polio eradication in Pakistan

UNICEF’s polio unit is developing three applications of RapidPro that will help communication about the importance of polio vaccination in at-risk communities of Pakistan. The applications will focus on two-way exchanges with workers who handle the difficult task of door-to-door interaction in remote communities. The applications will:

  • Survey frontline staff and streamline data collection in an effort to improve decision making;
  • Send procedural reminders, motivational messages and job-related support to polio vaccination campaign workers;
  • Provide a tool to report incidents to help ensure safety of frontline staff.