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Goal: 5,000 new supporters

Your email today can help us mobilize support around the world for the most urgent needs of children. Across the globe, children are living in desperate situations. They are facing issues like food insecurity, a lack of clean water, unsafe living conditions, and no access to medical care. Every voice counts, and we need yours.

Children's Rights for Survival

At UNICEF, we believe that every child, regardless of circumstances or socioeconomic background, has the right to grow and thrive.  Tragically, every year, millions of children’s lives are cut short by entirely preventable causes.  Many of these deaths come as a result of treatable illnesses, malnutrition, poor hygiene and lack of safe water and sanitation.

UNICEF’s experience in the children's rights field has taught us that saving lives doesn’t need to be complicated or cost-intensive. Our Child Survival programming works by making use of existing low-cost, low-technology and high impact interventions such as micronutrient supplementation, and adoption of safe hygiene practices to prevent unnecessary maternal and child deaths and reduce malnutrition. Additionally, UNICEF is recognized as the leading global provider of disease-preventing bed nets and vaccines. Our humanitarian aid reaches over half the world’s children and saves millions of lives.

With over 60 years of experience in the field,  UNICEF’s programs and initiatives are developed and run to safeguard the most basic human right of all – a child’s right to survive.

  • Child Health

    By focusing on children marginalized by poverty, disease, discrimination and conflict, UNICEF successfully targets the estimated 6 million preventable child deaths which occur worldwide every year.

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  • UNICEF Water Supply Project

    UNICEF’s low-cost, low-technology, high impact child survival interventions like vaccines, micronutrient supplementation and insecticide-treated bed nets are a simple yet groundbreaking solution to preventable child mortality.

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