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Polio cases have declined by 99.9% since 1988. Help us reach 100%. 

An anonymous donor is making a contribution for UNICEF to procure vaccines for vulnerable children. Show your support to the initiative by signing up with your email address and following the path of a vaccine from manufacturing to delivery (also called the cold chain!). You will also be included in updates for UNICEF news, programs and appeals.

Humanitarian Crisis: Help Save Children in Yemen

Humanitarian Crisis: Help Save Children in Yemen
How to help the children in Yemen: Donate to UNICEF’s Emergency Fund

The war in Yemen threatens children’s lives

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues to deteriorate with attacks on children and families and infrastructure, including a UNICEF constructed water system. The statistics are grim. An estimated 22.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, 11.3 million of them children. Severe acute malnutrition is a serious threat with over 400,000 children currently suffering without enough nutritious food to eat. Yemen is still facing the immediate threat of famine. Donate to Yemen and neighbouring countries now »

Cholera an imminent threat

As of April 2018, the cumulative total of suspected cholera cases in Yemen since the outbreak began last April has reached almost 1.1 million with nearly 30% of them being children under 5. UNICEF is supporting the transportation of vaccines, communication and awareness-raising and social mobilization activities for oral cholera campaigns throughout affected areas of Yemen.

UNICEF is providing essential services

UNICEF is working with partners in Yemen to provide health and nutrition support, clean water and hygiene services. Clean water supplies are being established through the provision of electricity in communities. Specialized health services are being delivered for children with injuries and disabilities and to reach the most vulnerable. UNICEF is focused on preventing the education system from collapse and ensuring that infrastructure, learning materials and teachers are available to continue working with children.

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