There are plenty of ways you can support children around the world. Below are a few fundraising ideas to inspire your upcoming UNICEF Canada fundraiser. Be sure to register and create your fundraising page to get started.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways none of us could have imagined, including the ways we connect with friends, family, loved ones and colleagues. Our fundraisers have inventively taken on the challenge, sharing their skills and staying connected online to raise funds that are helping the world’s most vulnerable children to survive and have a brighter future.

Here are some fun ways you can fundraise virtually:

Organize a Virtual Walk or Run

Invite participants to join a virtual walk or run. Collect a donation fee to participate and invite all participants to create their own fundraising page. Set a distance and select a date. Then participants can complete the run at their own convenience. Send out a virtual race bib and get your supporters to post a photo online with their race results while recognizing their donation.

Teach Something Online

Tap into your skills and talents! Whether it’s teaching a yoga class or a cooking tutorial, host a livestream and ask for donations to tune in.

Host a Virtual Gala

Sell tickets or collect donations for your event and share a link with your attendees to a livestream. Raise additional funds with an online auction during the gala. Make the event engaging by sharing stories, photos, videos from the UNICEF Canada YouTube Channel and featuring speakers. Your attendees can dress up and upload photos or videos that you can share via livestream or they can simply watch from home in their pyjamas.

Plan a Virtual Paint or Craft Night

Invite your supporters to a night of creativity. Ask for donations for participating and consider a painting theme that reflects the cause you’re supporting, so participants will have a beautiful piece of art that reminds them of how they are protecting every child’s right to a childhood. Reach out to someone who can run the art instruction part of this event if you would prefer for someone else to lead the activity.

Start a Social Media Challenge

Invite supporters to join a challenge using social media. Your supporters can partake in the challenge, donate to UNICEF Canada and tag friends to do the same. Challenge your supporters to run 5k, play video games for the whole day, or break a sweat with push-ups or planks.

Remember to tag @UNICEF-Canada on Facebook and @UNICEFCanada on Instagram and Twitter!


Here are some more fundraising ideas for the time when it is safe for you to gather with friends and loved ones.

Dinner Party

Invite your friends over for a dinner party and ask for donations to UNICEF Canada from all of your guests. You can charge a ticket price for joining your dinner for a cause. Make sure to enjoy yourself and thank everyone for their donations.

Sporting Event

Get active! Host a run, whether it be a 1K or a full marathon, or organize a team sport tournament. Collect a donation fee to participate and invite all participants to fundraise. If you’re more into e-sports, plan a Gaming Stream-a-thon.

Charity Gala

Why not get dressed up for an amazing cause? Host a gala complete with local performances, speakers, dancing and food. Charge an admission fee with all the proceeds benefitting UNICEF Canada. Use this as an opportunity to both raise funds and educate your community on UNICEF’s work for children.

Water Walk

Help provide safe water for children around the world by planning a water walk. Pick a visible spot in your community and march with buckets of water in solidarity with the millions of children who have to walk miles to collect water for their families. Ask friends and family to donate for every kilometer walked.

International Evening

Set up tables or booths with other cultural organizations and display food and/or fun activities relating to their respective cultures. Educate attendees by providing information on the major issues facing children in those regions/countries and UNICEF’s presence there. Adding dances and musical performances would enhance this fun-filled night.

Holiday Fundraisers

Whatever the holiday is, plan a fundraiser around it. For example, you can hold a rose sale for Valentine’s Day, host a pumpkin carving contest during Halloween or plan a bake sale for Christmas.

Flea Market

Invite friends and family to donate items they want to sell such as old toys, books, clothes and trinkets. Open the event up to the public and have the proceeds donated to UNICEF Canada.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Have friends and family donate to UNICEF Canada in honour of your birthday, wedding, graduation or other special occasions. You can also try using Echo Age to plan children’s birthday parties. This website will help your child raise money for UNICEF Canada and use a portion of the funds for a birthday gift.

Charity BBQ

Host a BBQ and sell hot dogs, burgers and cold beverages, and donate the proceeds to UNICEF Canada.

Ice Cream Social

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sell ice-cream cones, sundaes and popsicles in your neighbourhood, school or workplace.


At the end of your fundraiser, don’t forget to say thank you to everyone who helped out, participated and donated. You are helping children everywhere to grow up safe, healthy and happy – supporting every child’s right to a childhood.

These fundraising ideas are only suggestions to inspire and get you started. How you choose to organize your fundraiser is totally up to you.

To get your fundraiser started, make sure to register and create your fundraising page.