By Reeana Tazreean

UNICEF Canada U-Report Ambassador Reeana Tazreean on how UNICEF’s digital polling platform for young people works. Reeana explains how you can sign up in a few easy steps – to bring make sure your voice is heard on issues that matter to you!  


Have you heard of U-Report Canada? It is a digital polling platform designed to get a quick, real-time pulse check on how youth are experiencing issues that affect them. It serves as a great opportunity for youth to share opinions on current issues and important topics such as mental health, education, finances, systemic racism, indigenous sovereignty and many, many more! 

With the results we receive, UNICEF is able to collect and amplify young people’s views on issues and directly involve youth in advocacy, decision-making and policy development. We also ensure the delivery of timely and helpful information to youth.   

A major reason why we do this is because young people should be able to influence and feel empowered by the policies being made that impact them.  


Bi-weekly digital polls are sent via SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to gather young people’s views on issues that affect them. It is currently active in over 95 countries with more than 27 million U-Reporters around the world! 

Every 30 seconds someone signs up for U-Report! It’s really amazing to know that I’m part of such a large community of youth.  


U-Report Canada was built, guided and co-developed with young people, with very few barriers to entry, and your answers are completely confidential.

The polls are currently available in English and French and cover topics from mental health to climate change, education, employment and other major issues that impact young people.   

There are U-Report Youth Ambassadors and a U-Report Steering Committee. The ambassadors are responsible for recruiting more U-Reporters in our communities and online. The Steering Committee is composed of numerous stakeholders and organizations that support our work. 


Current U-Reporters were asked why they choose to be U-Reporters and here’s what they had to say:  

"I like to think I can help someone with my knowledge while also learning more myself."

"To make a difference."

"Having youth voices counted, feeling heard, contributing to a larger conversation and greater impact."

"I feel like I have a voice."


U-Report Ambassador's co-create and implement recruitment, communication and promotion strategies and tactics in their communities and online. In addition to this, they advise on poll themes and amplify results by disseminating them in creative ways.  

Current U-Report Ambassadors were asked why they choose to be ambassadors and here’s what they had to say: 

"I truly believe in the mission and goal of U-Report, and I believe the surveys are an effective way of getting input from young people."

"Each time that U-Report iMessage notification pops up on my screen, I'm always filled with a sense of responsibility and gratitude. I'm both extremely grateful to have the responsibility to share my voice and I firmly believe that is is my duty to do so as an underrepresented member of Canada's youth."

"I think U-Report is an extremely innovative tool to get more youth involved in polling and having their voice heard through a really easy mechanism that doesn't require much work on both our side and the youth's side, making it easy to participate and engage in."


Step 1: Scan the QR code below

Step 2: Choose Facebook, Text or WhatsApp 

Step 3: Send the word JOIN  

Step 4: Answer 3 quick questions  

That’s it! You’ll receive new U-Report polls every two weeks. Welcome to the family! 

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