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The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: Step by Step, Day by Day… That’s (Still) the Baby-Friendly Way

Posted by: Guest Author July 31, 2018

The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative has the power to create systems change, inform professional practice and enrich personal values and ethics and strengthen commitment to improve women’s and children’s health and the well being of families. It enables mothers to achieve their personal goals regarding infant feeding. Read more »


Giving children the best start in life: Why breastfeeding matters to everyone

Posted by: Lisa Wolff August 1, 2017

Breastfeeding has been recognized around the world as a way to support and boost a child's well-being, especially in the early stages of life. Are babies in Canada being held to the same standard? Read more »

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Close to me: Breastfeeding in Canada

Posted by: Guest Author July 31, 2013

Canada has much to celebrate during World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, as Rebecca Charron writes. The Baby-Friendly Initiative of Canada was co-founded by UNICEF Canada and is making strides to improve Canada’s low breastfeeding rate with the leadership of people like our guest blogger Rebecca Charron, who is helping make UNICEF and WHO’s Infant Feeding Strategy a reality for more Canadian moms and their babies. Read more »

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Kangaroo Mother Care

Posted by: Emily McNally August 31, 2012

In regions of the world where state-of-the-art incubators are few and far between, premature newborns are beating the odds of survival, thanks to a special UNICEF neonatal program. Read more »

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Parent Corner: One Mother's Reflections on the World of Breastfeeding

Posted by: Guest Author August 7, 2012

UNICEF Canada's Sharon Avery just returned to work from maternity leave. World Breastfeeding Week gave Sharon an opportunity to reflect on what nursing means to her as a mom and as a humanitarian. Read more »


Breastfeeding is More than Beneficial – It Saves Lives.

Posted by: Jennifer Story August 1, 2012

Why do we need a week each year to reflect on the importance of breastfeeding? The answers may surprise you. Read more »


UNICEF Supports Young Moms in China Through Social Media

Posted by: UNICEF Canada May 11, 2012

Mothers in China learn about best breastfeeding practices from UNICEF through online communities. Read more »

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