Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Mobilizing Canada for the Right to a Childhood

UNICEF Canada’s new strategic plan is the road map for all of our work from 2022-2025.

It builds on our previous strategic plan, which delivered remarkable results for children and communities globally. Tens of thousands of Canadians supported the world’s most vulnerable children with monthly donations. Our 25th Team, UNdaunted and Women UNlimited campaigns reached more than 3 million children, adolescents and adults through health, nutrition and education programs. We also enhanced our work with child-serving agencies and young people across the country to make Canada a better place for kids and youth. 

"We are as committed as ever to supporting children’s rights and well-being by mobilizing resources for children and advocating for ever-improving policies and practices for them. We do this for all children, everywhere. Our ambitious goals and strategic priorities will help us increase our reach for even more children in Canada and around the world, and strengthen our role as the leading child rights advocate with governments."

David Morley, President and CEO

Watch this video to see our goals and top priorities for 2022 – 2025.

Through our goals, we will be able to create a better world for children in Canada and around the globe.


  1. We will become the leading advocate for child rights with governments at all levels
  2. We will reach a sustainable annual revenue of $70 million to increase our impact for children everywhere

We will reach our goals through three strategic priorities that will fuel our growth.



We prioritize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to provide a sense of belonging for all people in Canada who want to stand with children for their rights. We will:

  1. Be transparent, reliable and trusted 
  2. Grow our advocacy with young and diverse voices in Canada
  3. Commit to a positive and inclusive experience for our employees and all people in Canada


We are a digital, insight-driven organization that engages more people in effective and efficient ways. We will:

  1. Leverage digital innovation to be more efficient in our work
  2. Make insight-driven and fact-based decisions
  3. Increase our digital engagement to reach and connect with our supporters


We will provide an integrated and positive supporter experience. We will:

  1. Offer an integrated end-to-end supporter journey
  2. Increase collaboration and shared expertise with UNICEF globally
  3. Continue to evolve our brand

Join our work to defend every child’s right to a childhood.